cropped-img_61277869003726.jpegCall me mom. Or mum – I answer to both. You can also call me wife, sister, daughter, or just friend. I am all of these things, too.

If you want to know my vital statistics, here they are:

* I am a mom to 5 kids who range in age from 3 to 24. Four are boys. One has left the nest. One is on the Autism Spectrum. They are my heart, my joy, and my burden. They wear me out and lift me up.

* I have recently moved back to America after 11 years of living in England. I sometimes think I am more English now than American – my accent is still American but my words mark me as an ex-pat. I stop for petrol, am far too fond of telling my husband and kids to bugger off so I can read, and will do almost anything for a Cornish pastie.

* I work for a non-profit. I used to be a teacher. Then a lawyer. Then a public servant. Clearly I am conflicted.

* The best kind of day is spent reading books in tree houses with fresh bread and soup for tea (that’s dinner to you Americans because of course dinner would be lunch in the part of England I call home), with a few hours spent with friends and a comfy warm bed to crawl into at night.

* The worst thing I have ever experienced is the death of my sister in 2005. It is also one of my greatest blessings. That cognitive dissonance is one of the cornerstones of my faith.

Most days I am a hopeful. Hopeful that I’ve done right by my kids and my dreamer of a husband.Hopeful that I am a good enough mother, wife, sister, daughter friend. I hope that in my striving to be many things to many people that I do not forget the things that matter most – that I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to love and be loved by others. I am here to bear witness to the Truth:

that where there is love, there is God.

And in the end, that’s all you need to know.

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